Traditionally prepared Homemade vegetarian salads and other fine meals for those who want to try something different.

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Mixed salad 42 kn
(lettuce, radicchio, rocket, tomato, cucumbers, honey mustard dressing)
Buratina salad 120 kn
(fresh buratta cheese on a base of marinated cherry tomatoes and rosemary on a bed of rocket with 5 years old aceto balsamico reduction)
Black tiger shrimps 98 kn
(marinated black tiger shrimps on a base of mixed salad and crunchy garlic with Mediterranean spices)
Greek salad with feta cheese 85 kn
(greek feta cheese with Mediterranean spices and fresh salad with black Dalmatian olives)
Capresse salad 78 kn
(tomato, mozzarella, rocket, olive oil, reduced 5 years old aceto balsamico)
Tuna salad 96 kn
(marinated tuna on a base of rocket and fresh tomato and capers)
Octopus salad 135 kn
(fresh Adriatic octopus marinated in Mediterranean spices and olive oil, onion, garlic, tomatoes, capers)
Smoked tuna 125 kn
(smoked tuna with marinated cherry tomatoes and fresh cucumbers on a base of mustard and honey)

Prices are listed in kuna ( kn ). v.a.t. ( pdv ) is included in the listed prices.
It is not permited to sell alcoholic drinks to minors ( those under the age of 18 )

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