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Suasage platter 1person
(Homemade smoked sausage mixed cheese cherry rukola salad with pizza flatbread)
Tuna tartare 135,00
(Loccally caught fresh tuna fish marinated in citrus oil served wit wasabi mayonnaise pickled ginger and soy sauce and comers served on a crisp)
Octopus salad karte di musica 145,00
(Locally cought octopus slowly cooked served with tomatoes red onion copers parsley served on a crisp)
Gamberi flatbread 120,00
(Fresh prawns fried in garlic oil on a freshly baked flatbread with rocket cherry tomatoes and fresh garlic yogurt)

Prices are listed in kuna ( kn ). v.a.t. ( pdv ) is included in the listed prices.
It is not permited to sell alcoholic drinks to minors ( those under the age of 18 )

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