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Fresh fish 235,00
(Locally caught fresh fish grilled served with potatoes and Swiss chard sateed in garilc olive oil)
Fresh octopus 245,00
(Fresh octopus grilled served with potatoes Swiss chard and garlic and parsley oil)
Fillet of beef 175,00
(250g filet of beef grilled with garlic and herb butter and seasonal sauteed vegetables of the day)
Fresh tuna 185,00
(Locally caught fresh tuna grilled to medium well served in citrus oil and sesame with grilled seasonal vegetables / potatoes and swish chard)
Smokey joe beef burger 125,00
(Smoked joe beef burger 2x90gram smoked patties homemade Smokey bacon ceddar cheese and bbq mayonnaise sauce. Served with fries)
Swiss chard chees
(Swiss chard chees rosemary oil and garlic rolled in filo pastry and grilled (local classic))

Prices are listed in kuna ( kn ). v.a.t. ( pdv ) is included in the listed prices.
It is not permited to sell alcoholic drinks to minors ( those under the age of 18 )

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